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Episode #3 - You Are Good Enough


Episode 3 is for an industry very close to my heart - the beauty industry. If you have taken the first steps to re-train or train as a Beauty Therapist and you are suffering with self-sabotaging thoughts about not being good enough to charge what you are worth when you finish, I share with you how to re-frame those thoughts and banish the mind-chimps from your brain.  

If you've recently re-trained to go into a new service-based business, you'll also find this really helpful.

Episode #2 - Top Marketing Tips for Start-ups


In this podcast, I discuss how having the right business mindset will help you to market your business. How to find your target audience, a look at which social media is best for you, plus websites and how to get found on Google. I’ll also talk you through some offline marketing techniques which might work for your business.

Episode #1 - How to Aim Your Marketing at Your Target Audience


In this episode I discuss how you can really target your marketing efforts at the right people in order to increase your sales.