What is the Small Business Growth Tribe?

Hi there,

Welcome to the Business Growth Tribe - The Marketing & Business Knowledge Hub for Small Business Owners.

I set up the Tribe as a 'one-stop-shop' for small business owners wanting to learn how to market their business. Why?  Because I believe that all small business owners should have access to all the necessary marketing tools needed for their business from the get-go,.  Even more than that, I want to give you the knowledge to be able to do it well, without breaking the bank.  Within this site you will find a growing number of courses on the different aspects of marketing, from the fundamentals to social content marketing and more besides.  Want to be able to build your own website, or design your own low-cost flyers, yep we've got that covered too.

Learn the Marketing Techniques You Need to Help Your Business Grow 

We all get marketed to all day, every day....so it's easy to assume as business owners that we'll have it all figured out, right?  Well - wrong, actually!  If that was the case then all the big companies that have the best marketing campaigns, like Apple or John Lewis, wouldn't bother with a highly-qualified marketing department at all, they'd just do it themselves......wouldn't they?  That's why the Business Growth Tribe was born, I want to share all the marketing techniques you'll need as a small business owner to help you grow your tribe. I'm passionate about providing amazing customer experiences and solid marketing strategies and ideas that you can use for your own business.

It's my vision turn this website and all the courses and material within it, into your own mini marketing department whilst you grow your business.  So watch this space, and if there is something that I've yet to cover that you'd like to see then drop me a line.

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